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belgium natanailty


if you have any kind information about belgium natanailty  after four and half month application on which stage on this time. in anderlecht cammune. because somebody told me if they have any kind objections they can send letter with in tow and half this stage just wait for decion for approval of natanailty.its true or not. i am living in anderlecht.thanks


You got a good answer from the other site you posted on, that a nationality case takes a minimum of 4 months and can take 6 months for a decision.

Mar 9, 2019 16:36

Procedure: advice from the public prosecutor

In case of a negative advice: if you do not agree, you can bring the matter before the court of first instance.

With a positive advice is : the public prosecutor sends a certificate to the civil status officer. He must immediately register the nationality declaration in the municipal registers. From that moment you are Belgian.

If the attorney does not deliver an opinion on your file within 4 months from your statement, this will have the same effect as a positive advice. Your statement will then be registered in the municipal registers. From that moment you are Belgian


Mar 12, 2019 22:14