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Belgium introduces 'occupied territories' label

10:22 29/07/2014

The Belgian government has introduced a label for goods originating from occupied territories. The label should allow consumers to make a conscious choice about the purchase of products from the involved regions, writes De Morgen.

The European Union has long since supported the introduction of such a label, but EU member states were unable to reach a consensus. An initiative for the label launched in the Benelux, for example, met with objections from the Netherlands. Foreign Minister Didier Reynders, however, finally said that Belgium can simply introduce the label on its own initiative.

The label is not mandatory. Distributors and supermarkets have the option to apply the label to their products or not. The minister stressed that the idea is not to boycott, but to inform the consumer. The UK and Denmark are applying a similar label.

Written by Robyn Boyle



This seems to be quite a logical step. Consumers have a right to be informed and to be able to exercise choice if they wish to. The same happened with South Africa, remember ? I only wish the information will clearly separate produce from Israel and produce from the West Bank (Palestinian producers). I still do not understand why Israel should be given preferential access to EU markets WITHOUT the EU exercising any sort of palpable influence on the way the Israeli state deals with Palestinians...

Jul 29, 2014 13:03

Totally agree. We allow Israel to exercise too much influence yet we deplore the condition of Palestine. Palestine needs to be supported by allowing the country to earn capital, its peope to be better educated, and not waste another generation in refugee camps. This just ferments anger and frustration.

Jul 29, 2014 13:13

couple of ignorant twats with no idea of reality or knowledge of history, basing opinions on anti israeli (Belgian) European media that has to appease its growing muslim population.
The palestinians have turned 'refugeesdom' into a profession. How long can they stick to this pathetic 'occupation'? Europe was full of refugees after the war, so was mexico and plenty other countries but people move on and build theirs and their children's lives. palestine needs more capital? haha are you kidding? where are the billions of euros and dollars the world has been pouring into the 'palestinian authority?' into Gaza? ask yourself! lining pockets of corrupt officials and channeled into arms and tunnel building. Not schools, playgrounds and libraries.
The whole 'palestinian' thing is a fallacy. There has never been a palestinian state and until 1967 the majority of 'palestinians' were living under Jordanian rule (they make up 70% of Jordan population, they need another state? ) and did not tweet a word about 'independent' state. the truth is the arabs (since there is absolutely no difference between a jordanian, a syrian a lebanese Etc. same culture, same religion same language) just want israel to disappear. well it wont. it will thrive and succeed despite! israel is the last democratic frontier that stands in the face of islamists.
i highly recommend reading
better open your eyes europe, radical islam is already on your door step!

Jul 29, 2014 16:05

Ok so what you are saying because of all those things you said above, it is ok for Israel to kill civilians in Palestine? In this order of logic, there was no Israel either in the past so it ok to kill all the children in Israel on random shelling? I find this logic sick and there must be consequences for Israel, or for any other who kills as such. I really support this labelling idea as people can react if they like

Jul 29, 2014 18:54

yes go buy some arab goods they are thick on the ground dunce

Jul 29, 2014 19:42

I would have thought that by now, we would learn to at least argue in a more moderate way. What is wrong with labelling goods from a certain territory? (like what is wrong with a two-state solution?)
The truth about the latest crisis in this long-running crisis is somewhere in the middle. Bombs won't solve the conflict - either Palestinian rockets into Israel, or bombing Gazan civilian targets.....

Jul 29, 2014 20:11

lets make one thing very clear: Israel is not attacking, Israel is defending itself against attacks from terrorist organization Hamas! Israel is not at war with palestinians: Israel is at war with Hamas! Israel is supporting economic growth for Palestinians and it is true that the palestinians are oppressed and under tiranny: but NOT by Israel! it is hamas who keeps them poor, oppressed, frustrated and uses them against Israel and to turn public opinion against Israel. such a Label is indeed useless and aimed to damage Israel! I haven't seen any such label for tibet, or ukraine, etc etc

Jul 31, 2014 22:50