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Belgium has third-highest divorce rate in EU

07:43 16/01/2014

Belgium has taken the dubious honour of finding itself in third place on the list of the EU’s highest divorce rates. The stats put Belgians behind only Latvia and Lithuania when it comes to walking away from the ‘death do us part’ section of the wedding vows.

Every year, close to 32,000 Belgians, or 2.9 people for every 1,000 residents, sign their divorce papers. The good news is Belgium still has a way to go to reach the top statistical spot held by Latvia, with 4.0 divorces per 1,000, and Lithuania with 3.4. However, the 32,000 plus puts Belgium above the rest of Europe when it comes to shear numbers.

Sociologists attribute rising divorce rates to Belgians increasing separation from the rules of the Catholic Church, which for decades prevented divorce and helped keep Belgium a very married country.

According to a report, the top three reasons for calling it quits are: "We have grown apart" as the number one reason, "we don't match" taking the number two spot, and the introduction of  "a third party" into the relationship. 

Written by Andrew King