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Belgium is a “beautiful city”, according to Donald Trump

14:29 16/06/2016

The difference between Belgium and Brussels is still unclear for Donald Trump. The Republican presidential candidate yesterday in a speech called the country a “beautiful city”, and it's not the first time that he shows a grave lack of geographical knowledge, write numerous international and local media.

“Belgium is a beautiful city,” Trump said on Wednesday during a party rally in Atlanta, Georgia. It is not the first time Trump has difficulty with the difference between Belgium and its capital. After the terror attacks of 22 March, Trump told Matt Lauer of NBC's Today, “Belgium is not the Belgium that you and I knew, Matt, from 20 years ago, which was one of the most beautiful cities and one of the safest cities in the world. Belgium is a horror show right now.”

Trump previously referred to Brussels as “a hellhole” during a March interview with Fox News.

Written by Robyn Boyle



He is one scary man.

Jun 17, 2016 09:15

Even more scary is that so many Americans would really like him as president. Many of them will be the same ignorant and paranoid Americans I meet online, which is even more scary. Us jealous and hate filled foreigners had better look out, and don't even think of trying to get in the USA, as we all dearly want to. Scary people, Americans. Well, not so much the travelled ones, but America does not seem to want anybody to leave as well as not arrive. FATCA means Americans are not free to leave any more.

Jun 17, 2016 15:01

Maybe try meeting some Americans in person, Mike. You might be surprised how okay most of them are. In fact, meeting anyone in person might be a good idea from time to time.

Jun 19, 2016 14:45

Ooh, AJ! You cut me to the bone there! Or perhaps not. Perhaps we all need to meet some overseas Americans while there still are some? The USA seems determined to make their lives impossible and has forced us to hunt them down. FATCA. If anybody doubted that the USA is not to be trusted, just take a few minutes out to study that monstrous bit of US legislation forced down our throats at our expense at the point of a financial gun.

Jun 28, 2016 11:12