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Belgians played slightly fewer national lottery games in 2022 due to financial crisis

16:23 17/01/2023

Belgians' enthusiasm for national lottery games and gambling drops during a financial crisis, reports RTBF.

One in two Belgians say they gambled a smaller amount or gambled less often in 2022. As a result, the national lottery’s turnover was €1.488 billion, 3% less than in 2021.

"There’s a procyclical effect. Given the drop in consumer confidence, given the financial difficulties encountered by our fellow citizens in general, Belgians play less with the products of the national lottery," said managing director Jannie Haek.

The average lottery stake was €4.9 in 2022, compared to €5 in 2021. Total winnings reached a record figure of €998 million. While the average win was €10.4, the biggest pay out in 2022 was €142 million in the EuroMillions game; a prize pool shared by 165 players.

Belgium's favorite games

The Lotto remains Belgium's favourite game and generated €447 in revenue. EuroMillions, the European game organised with nine other lotteries, ended 2022 with Belgian sales of €506 million. Belgians remain attached to their emblematic Lotto game with so-called ‘Instant’ scratch games achieving a turnover of €450 million.

Support for good causes

In 2002, the national lottery continued to support various projects for a total amount of €200 million, a similar figure to 2021. Despite the slight drop in turnover, it has a legal obligation to support good causes. Some 506 projects were assisted in the fields of art, culture, solidarity, science and sport.

But too few organisations ask for subsidies even though the online procedure is simple, according to the lottery. It has launched a call for projects to boost the number of proposals.

The national lottery also pays a monopoly rent to the Belgian state. In 2022, this increased from €135 million to €145 million.


Written by The Bulletin