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Belgians pay much more for telecoms than their neighbours

15:19 07/01/2024

Belgians pay significantly more for telecoms services – to make calls and use the internet – than their neighbours, according to the Belgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications (IBPT) comparative price study for 2023.

The difference in prices - based on those for October 2023 - is particularly marked if the consumer opts for a bundled telephone, internet and mobile subscription.

Consumers who opt for mobile telephony with 1,000 minutes and up to 5 GB a month pay considerably more than their five neighbouring countries (France, the UK, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany), the study found.

For average requirements, between 20 and 70 GB however, Belgium is in the cheaper half of the six countries for certain user profiles, according to the IBPT.

Meanwhile, consumers looking for 100 GB again pay the most, the institute said.

The study added: “Belgium is by far the most expensive country for bundles (including internet, digital television, mobile telephone and landlines), which are very popular.”

Notably for the cheapest option on the market, a consumer in Belgium would pay €42 more per month than France, a country which with the UK is cheapest for all user profiles concerning fixed internet and bundles.

“In the context of high inflation, operators have made one or more adaptations to their offer over the past year, both for mobile subscriptions and for fixed internet and bundle offers,” the IBPT said.

The regulator hopes that the arrival next year of Belgium’s fourth telecom operator, Digi, will lead to “a renewed competitive dynamic, particularly on the fixed market”.

Founded in 2023, Digi is a Belgian collaboration between Citymesh and the European Digi Group, active in Romania, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

It is billed as standing for “fair prices, the best network and outstanding customer service for consumers, professionals and businesses”.

Written by Liz Newmark



Yes, this is another area where the captive Belgian population is squeezed by yet another Belgian business. So no fear of lower rate foreign competitors. Proximus has just hit me with another significant price increase. What is really heartwarming is that Proximus (Belgacom)'s majority shareholder is the Belgian state.

Jan 9, 2024 12:07