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Belgians in more car accidents abroad

12:36 16/08/2013

The number of Belgians to have a car accident while in a foreign country has doubled over the past five years. The increase has been especially remarkable in Eastern European countries such as Croatia and Slovenia. "The reason for this increase is that we are unfamiliar with the roads and the driving behaviour of local residents," says motoring organisation Touring. Other reasons for the rise in automobile accidents abroad include simple carelessness or fatigue that often goes along with being on holiday. Figures from Touring show that the number of accidents has increased by about half in five years, from 354 accidents in 2008 to 527 in 2012. "And this year, the counter is already at 394," says Touring spokesperson Danny Smagghe.

Written by The Bulletin



Belgians are crap drivers. Aggressive and dangerous risk takers who are still coming to grips with official enforcement of rules and speed limits. Why the number of drivers in accidents in foreign countries have doubled is the mystery, unless they travel there twice as often than they did.

May 1, 2015 22:50