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Belgians 'largely unprepared' for retirement, survey shows

12:29 24/11/2016

Nearly half of Belgians (48%) feel that they are not sufficiently prepared for retirement, according to a survey by CBC Banque. Eight in 10 are not aware of the various pension schemes (state pension, pension funds, savings plans, etc), writes De Morgen based on the survey, which looked at a representative sample of 1,000 Belgians.

The majority of respondents (70%) have no idea how much state pension they will receive. As many as six in 10 also indicate that they fear their pension will not be enough to maintain a desired standard of living.

CBC reports a sharp rise last year in the number of questions it receives about retirement. "We see a genuine fear among our customers, who are increasingly worried about the public financing of pensions," CBC's Xavier Falla told the newspaper.

Written by Robyn Boyle



Perhaps it would help if the Belgian state did not spend so much of people's money when they are working, plus Belgian pensions are crap. Oh, and what have the government just done? Raided private pension funds. You have to be nuts to trust pensions.

Nov 24, 2016 17:43

Don't trust a pension plans and funds. There is no guarantee that a pension scheme will pay out when the time comes. Someone might run off with all of it and spend it for you. We might all be dead before we can receive a pension and the pension money ends up elsewhere and vanishes into thin air. How can we save for a pension if everything else is costing a fortune and we are all taxed to death? Belgium should lower all its taxes to 20%, and also the rest of the EU Member State countries. Time for changes.

Nov 24, 2016 18:55