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I've been customer with Belgian Telecom for many years. Overall, I've been happy with what they offer, as it suits my needs (having internet, mobile phone, and being able to make unlimited phone calls with my fixed phone to many countries). However, i'm very dissatisfied with their customer service.

It was back in September when I was out of internet for two weeks due to technical problems. I was assured that I would receive a credit for this. Now this is several months ago and nothing has happened. I have inquired several times, but they keep telling me that the person who validates the credit notes was behind.

A few weeks ago, I sent them a question concerning my mobile phone bill, but until today no answer yet. Upon asking, they told me they had forwarded my question to the person in charge.

I could go on and on. it seems that there is no proper follow-up to the queries of their customer. I would like to change my provider, but I haven't found one in Belgium with a comparable offer.

Anybody here has had similar experiences with Belgian Telecom?



Which Belgian telecom are you referring to? Proximus(earlier name Belgacom)?

If yes, it is unfortunate you had such a bad experience. I work at Proximus. Please visit Proximus facebook page and describe your experience. I am sure they will treat your complaint very seriously. Please post here once done, I will myself ensure someone from customer care team contacts you ASAP to help you further.
Fellow expat :)

Feb 4, 2018 17:42

Thanks for your feedback Varun, but I'm not customer with Proximus, but rather Belgian Telecom (headquarters located in Gent):

Feb 4, 2018 18:32

You could try writing but also as above try tweeting g to get a response I’m sure they will also have Twitter use the #badservice

Feb 5, 2018 00:57

Very happy to hear it is not Proximus. There was a question some months ago where customer mentioned "Belgium Telecom" and in fact the person was trying to refer to Belgacom(now Proximus). That's why the doubt.
Indeed the offer from "Belgian Telecom" offer looks aggressive but having very little knowledge of your usage behavior, it is very difficult for me to know if its the best offer for you.

Coming to your question:
1) I think if you are looking for the best price offer where you want Internet and Telephony is if you go to Scarlet. Of course it is not comparable to BT as you still need to take a Mobile Offer, however you get a TV included for a price €39
2) If you are calling to countries in EU and are willing to call after 17u in evenings or on weekends, then their offer €39 + €5(Voice option) is a pretty good offer.
3) On top they have some cheap Mobile subscriptions (13€ for 150min and 1.5GB or 8€ for 0.5Gb and 150min).
So lets assume €44 + €13= €57 or €44 + €8=€52 would be the best price at Scarlet.
4) Now you need to compare this price vs the monthly price you are paying at Belgian Telecom (Subscription + Mobile Traffic and data)

In other words, always look at your "subscription+ traffic" to make the real comparison. Hope this helps :)

Feb 5, 2018 11:38