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Belgian tech centre Sirris invests €850,000 in infrastructure for “smart factory”

07:26 03/03/2014

The Belgian tech industry’s knowledge centre, Sirris, has inaugurated the new infrastructure at its test and development centre for companies in Diepenbeek, near Hasselt. Sirris has invested €850,000 in the centre, mostly for precision machines that manufacture on a micro-level. An additional €100,000 went to so-called “smart production” applications, like robotics.

The most remarkable feature of the centre, dubbed a “smart factory”, is the Baxter robot. The American-produced robot, which has two arms and a head, is an ideal tool to improve the collaboration between worker and machine because it can quickly copy human actions.  

“You just have to demonstrate new actions to the robot, instead of installing a complex new programme,” said project leader Filiep Vincent. “The robot is also equipped with sensors and cameras, which means that it doesn’t have to be contained in a structure to protect human colleagues during the co-operation.” 

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Written by Andy Furnier