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Belgian taxman to keep close eye on foreign account holders

19:58 09/06/2019

Taxpayers in Belgium who have a bank account in another country stand a higher chance of a tax inspection this year, the finance ministry has announced.

The Belgian tax office has published details of which groups of people are most likely to have their tax affairs checked - to encourage people to fill in their tax return correctly and honestly.

According to the list, seen by L'Echo newspaper, the finance ministry is particularly interested in holders of foreign bank accounts. It will also take a close look at taxpayers who persistently declare late or not at all.

"If you do not file your tax return, despite the reminders, you will be subject to a tax audit, especially if you regularly neglect to file your return," the finance ministry said.

The tax authorities are also focusing this year on alimony payments, rental income from properties and anyone who deducts their actual work-related expenses instead of opting for the flat-rate deduction.

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Written by The Bulletin