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Belgian tax on US state/gov't pension?


Hi All,

Looking for answers from anyone who has been in this situation, or is a tax expert.

If my only income is, say, 20 thousand EUR from a non-corporate (i.e. state/government/university) US pension, and I'm a registered resident of Belgium, am I liable for ANY taxes to Belgium? I've read the U.S.-Belgium Tax Treaty of 2006, and the U.S. IRS tax treaty table from 2019, and my impression is that I pay NO tax at all to Belgium, only to the U.S..

Curious if there are any U.S. expat retirees here in Belgium that has any experience with this. Note, that I own no property in either country, do not have a Belgian bank account, and do not generate employment income at all from either country; just a retirement pension.

Thanks in advance.


I happen to be friends with a Belgian tax inspector. He says, anyone can call the Belgium tax offices and they will offer free advice. They even will help you fill your taxe forms for free.

Feb 7, 2021 10:48