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Belgian state pension


Hi All,
I lived and worked in Belgium for 11 years up until 2018, when I left and moved to another EU country.

Recently I decided to try and log into the Belgian pension system to see if there was any information regarding any future pension I would get form Belgium. I managed to login to, where it shows me the 11 years I worked, and tells me how much pension I should get when I retire in 2048. Its not clear to me though if the figure it shows on there is
1. What I will get for the 11 years I worked in Belgium
2. Whether its just an estimate what I will get, with the assumption I would work in Belgium from now until retirement.

If its the second option, just wondering if there is any way to calculate what I would actually get for 11 years working. I dont plan to love or work in Belgium again, so I will always just have the 11 years working there.

Thanks for any info