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Belgian soldiers may protest against raised retirement age

15:21 18/10/2016

Belgium's military unions find the proposals put forth under the federal government's new budget agreement “far from acceptable”, especially the adjustment to the pension scheme of the defence department. The changes are too much, too fast, say the unions, according to Knack.

"The proposals include raising the retirement age for military personnel from 2018, abolishing the special pension calculation (bonuses) from 2019 and the introduction of career conditions (i.e. minimum number of years of service) before one can consider retiring," say the unions.

Most soldiers in Belgium currently retire at the age of 56. The budget's provision aims to raise that age to 57 from 2018, and then gradually raise the age to 63 by 2030.

The unions point out that soldiers who are now fewer than seven years from retirement will see that number doubled under the new scheme. "And for young soldiers, this does not make the military profession look like a realistic or attractive career choice," they add.

Written by Robyn Boyle



Not realistic to work to 63? Belgium, and others, are going to have to get realistic or go bankrupt. The days of the State oaying pensions from 50 are over.

Oct 19, 2016 09:07

Why should the military not retire at the same age as ordinary other citizens? Those men/women chose to enter the military as they would have chosen to enter teaching, corporate life, or whatever. The military does not deserve to retire at such an early age but continue like the rest of Belgian society.

Oct 19, 2016 09:56