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Belgian Residence Permit URGENT INQUIRY


I came to Belgium in Feb 2019 and left in June 2019 as my Erasmus study period ended then. However, I do have a valid Residence Permit from Belgium until October 2019 and so I git accepted for a youth exchange in Greece between 30 August -2 September and so I want to know if I can enter the Schengen state again based on my Valid Belgian Residence Permit? Do they cancel it after the study ends or it stays valid until the end of our program?


Yes you should be able to enter till the end of your RP. However its best you confirm this with your city hall.

Aug 19, 2019 10:52

Be aware that if you officially deregistered from the commune you were residing or if police checked and discovered that you do not live on the address you declared to Belgian authorities, you could be scrapped from the national register and your Permit was cancelled.
In this case what you have in your hand is just a piece of plastic and you might be denied entry in Schengen space.
You better check indeed if your permit is still valid before going on your trip.

Aug 21, 2019 15:32