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Belgian police


Do you think the Belgian police would have been able to contain the riots in London in a more orderly fashion than the British police (although they did a wonderful job).? Why did they not use water cannons? For a Belgian, it seems hard to understand why it went so far and why they did not arm the police, when the loothing was getting out of hand (even just to scare the rioters). Would like opinions?

From the archives

As long as the police are not armed, it will be impossible to keep order (even if they only wore arms during riots, etc) and not on normal days.I would hate to be a policeman/woman in the UK as it must be very scary to have to fight against these hooligans with no arms. The parents in the UK are getting so irresponsible for their children and now they are paying the price. Spoilt kids with no values, no religion, no respect for teachers, etc and the parents agreeing with all this!

Aug 23, 2011 15:25