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Belgian pension issues.


My friend worked in Belgium for nearly 20 years from around 1995 for a large US multinational on a good salary. She is unable to deal with her own affairs and I need to find out what her pension arrangements would have been in Belgium.

Would she have a part state pension and a company pension, one or the other? I really have no idea where top look and I don't speak French or Dutch. Can anybody help ne out on where to get started with this?

Alternatively, a good Belgian pensions advisor might be the way to go? Only just thought of that one. Anybody?


I'm no expert but I'm a Brit living in Belgium who suffered a disability and I'm facing a basic Belgian pension called a "GRAPA" and that means you have to live in Belgium in order to receive the pension. To get a full pension you have to have worked here 43 years, so I'm afraid your friend isn't in a good position to receive it if she is abroad. If she still lives in Belgium and has a disability she can approach a number of social services for extra cash. I'm no expert so check. Try English as a search language, a lot of government sites have English pages included or copy the information on the page and put it into an online translator site. Good luck!

May 1, 2023 22:33

The obvious people to ask about this would be the HR department at whatever company she used to work at. They presumably will have the full details of her company pension.

And yes, if she was here in Belgium for that length of time, she will be entitled to a state pension. Not the full amount as you need more years, but a partial one.

I am assuming of course that you have some sort of power-of-attorney to act on her behalf?

May 3, 2023 15:19