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Belgian Order of Physicians displeased with doctor review site

23:59 12/05/2017

The National Council of the Order of Physicians in Belgium is not happy with the creation of a new site in which patients can rate doctors and share their experiences. Wisdoc, a sort of 'Trip Advisor for doctors', was created by a Brussels startup and contains the data of all doctors operating in Belgium, writes De Standaard.

"The main aim of the site is to help patients find the doctor or specialist they need," says Sofie Vanderhasselt, one of the founders of the site, in the newspaper. "If patients can share information with each other, they will be more likely to get the right treatment."

Wisdoc users can give their health professional a score in terms of readiness to listen, explanation, follow-up and availability. “This allows patients to search for a specialist in their area with the most recommendations," says Vanderhasselt.

The Order of Physicians has reacted unfavourably. "Such a score is a snapshot; it is immediately dated and therefore of little use, and even misleading," says Michel Deneyer of the Order. "It can harm the doctor's business. We recommend that physicians have their name removed from the site if they do not agree with it."

Written by Robyn Boyle



In Brussels, all doctors care is to get into an embassy list or EU list so they find patients. They are almost always connected to other professionals and physiotherapists etc. I had two very bad experiences in Brussels with doctors referrals. Therefore, it is necessary there is system where doctors are rated so they are more careful with their practices and also advising patients other professionals. Such a website can only increase the quality. There will be always some people who misjudge people but this won't directly affect the doctors if they are good professionally.

May 14, 2017 23:12

It's a much needed service, especially in a country where many doctors are detached from their patients.
We've had several bad experiences in Brussels, especially in the field of gastroenterology. Some specialists lack the simple skills of 'communication' and 'empathy'.

May 15, 2017 10:24

Ditto the two above. This is needed very much. I was referred to two terrible so-called medical professionals: a physiotherapist and a nephrologist. I am 100% for this site. I want to hear the opinions and experiences of other patients. Apathy and lack of communication.........out of control.

May 15, 2017 21:18