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Belgian Naturalization


Hi everyone,

My application for Belgian naturalization has been rejected on the basis that I did not meet the 5 years continuous employment requirement due to taking 3 months parental leave within this period. Has anyone else had the same experience? Can someone recommend a good naturalization lawyer to contact regarding this topic?

Thanks in advance.


You mean declaration not naturalisation?

Mar 27, 2020 21:30

I assume you mean you are trying to apply for Belgian nationality. I had a 2 week gap between being employed and applying with Partena to be independent. I took 2 weeks holiday. That disqualified me, even though when I paid social security as an independent it was billed from 1st of the month. I had to take the 10 year residence route.
Did you pay social security during your paternity leave? If so get all the documentation put together proving that you paid for a full 5 years and resubmit your application. It will be quicker and cheaper than appealing. If you didn’t pay, you are in a no win situation.

Mar 27, 2020 23:49

I have question that some companies putting on jobless to their staff because of coronovirus lockdown. Anybody knows what is the impact on your single work permit if they put you on jobless status?

Will this period of temporary jobless status be considered as an interruption of the work duration for Citizenship application?

Thank you in advance.

Mar 28, 2020 08:24