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Belgian minimum wage Europe’s second highest

12:40 09/08/2013

The legal minimum wage in Belgium, which stands at €1,502 gross per month, is the second highest in Europe, just behind Luxembourg (€1,874), Le Soir and De Standaard report today, citing figures from Eurostat. The Belgian minimum wage increased by 29% in ten years in Belgium and by 36% in Luxembourg. Both countries are closely followed by the Netherlands, where the minimum €1,478 (+18% in ten years), Ireland (€1,462) and France (€1,430). At the other end of the spectrum are Bulgaria (€159) and Romania (€179); however, the standard of living is totally different in the two former Eastern Bloc countries which joined the EU in 2007. Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Finland have no minimum wage.

Written by The Bulletin


Ian Goldring

Well, that self-employment is discouraged in Belgium. I think it is seen as suspicious, certainly not something to be encouraged.
The other misleading thing is the gross vs the net; the gross rate is high because taxes at source are murderous, probably the highest in Europe for most people.
And of course – take a look at the condition of the streets, the pavement, the rubbish collection etc. in Brussels – and you can see we get SO much for it.

Aug 26, 2013 14:58