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Belgian FR school being too picky


Hi there

My daughter attends a French-speaking secondary school here in Brussels. She is a well-behaving 12 year-old kid and keen on details. At her previous school she did not have the sort of issues she's experiencing at secondaire.I find that often attention to detail and form by the teaching personnel and management takes precedence over learning; formal mistakes trigger "sanctions" (another word for punishment) as a reaction, with no actual remedial action being proposed: I fail to see how mechanically copying an unrelated text X times may adequately contribute to a kid learning how to improve her class-management skills. Have you been confronted with this sort of picky attitudes? They detract a lot of energy and attention of both children and parents from actual learning. At the end of the day, kids go to school to learn and enjoy the experience. This is at least my approach and that of my wife, and I can tell you that we hail from very different parts of Europe. Do you know of a Belgian French speaking school that adheres to those principles and avoids that degree of "pointillisme"?

Thanks in advance!

Karel te voet

Hope my "Belgian FR school being too picky" comment will appear on-line.

Feb 24, 2024 11:34