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Belgian football approves use of vanishing spray

23:19 22/07/2014

The Belgian Football Association will allow several new features to be added to the game in time for the upcoming football season, its Referee Department announced during a press conference.

Starting next season, Belgium’s Jupiler Pro League will use vanishing spray during matches, a spray that is used to mark the distance from the wall of defenders to the ball on a free kick, in order to avoid discussions on the pitch. The white line disappears automatically after about 30 seconds. "Thanks to the World Cup in Brazil, many football fans are already acquainted with this tool," said Frank De Bleeckere, Talent & Elite Referee Manager at the Royal Belgian Football Association.

"I also think that Belgium is ready for it. Together with France, will be the only ones in Europe to use vanishing spray. In South America they’ve already been using it for years.”

Another new feature will see hats being worn on the football field. "It must be a simple cap, either black or the same colour as the player’s kit, and absolutely free of logos or messages of any kind,” says De Bleeckere.

Written by Robyn Boyle