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Belgian citizenship - social integration courses


Morning all,

In 12 months I can apply for Belgian citizenship. I am British, married to a Belgian. After a chat with the commune and the Expat Welcome Service they both advised me to go the social integration route.

I travel weekly so would like to hear from people who have completed one of these social integration courses especially on the time it takes to complete one and how flexible they are for people with complicated schedules.

I am fluent in French but apparently the French associations offering the social integration route are heavily oversubscribed. Has anyone recently applied to them and have any knowledge about this?

Apparently the Flemish route is less full, but then there would be an obligation to have a level of Flemish. Again, to hear any of your experiences on how stringent the language obligations are for the Flemish route would be useful.

Finally, as I studied German at school, does anyone know of a German association offering social integration courses? It might be more straightforward for me to take that if a) the French courses are full, and b) the Flemish would mean starting a language from scratch.

Thanks for any advice, much appreciated!