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Belgian Citizenship first day calculation


I am working in Belgium since 2020 january but exactly in corona period i have started to work(my first payslip issued in 01.2020)
But i took my residence card after 6 months due to long process list and coronal reasons .
My question is when is 5 years interruped living in Belgium rule where exactly starts ?

The day that our Single Permit issued?

The day that Annex 15 issued?

The day that we started to work?

The day that Residence Card Issued?


It is the day that your name was first recorded in the National Register. It won't be before the date of the police visit to check that you were actually living where you had stated you were. This date doesn't appear on your registration ID card but it does appear on any certificates (of residence, for example) that the commune/gemeente has issued for you, and obviously the commune/gemeente can tell you what it is.

Jan 28, 2023 10:42