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Belgian citizenship


I was married to a Belgian but got divorced last year F card expires this year in October.i have a job with permanent contract from 2021 but I had before through dutch level is B2. I want to apply for Belgian citizenship. I see some people say that it's better to apply 5months before my F card expires.should I wait for email from my commune Gent.


Go and ask in your commune and be sure that you have accurate information from the people who will first deal with your application.

Apr 15, 2023 09:36

Yes, better to apply before the F-card expires because now that you are divorced you wont be able to renew based on that. But also have you completed 5 years in Belgium? If not then you are not yet eligible. Also you need to have worked 468 days (roughly 2 1/4 years) in case you didnt have a continuous contract. Best thing is go to the citizenship counter in the Gent stadskantoor as they will assess your case better than anyone else.

Apr 22, 2023 22:55