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Belgian Citizen vs Belgium Resident - the same tax treatment?



I'm a UK citizen legally permanently resident in Belgium.

I'm 65 in November and considering applying for nationality under the 65 years old and legally resident for 5 years route.

I currently rely on two small pensions (one taxable in the UK, the other in Belgium). Next year I'll also be entitled to the UK state pension, which I believe will also be taxable in the UK.

Is there a financial aspect to my nationality decision, or is the treatment of residents and citizens the same?



OK, and this will be my last word on this (as even the amendment I wrote about earlier has an article referring to an article that no longer exists!).

If only article XI (which was article 18) applies, that means the only pensions that should be taxed in Belgium are personal pensions which were first paid before 2013. This is what happens to my two pensions (one from the MOD [not taxed in Be but stated on the tax declaration] and another personal one from 2010 [taxed in Be]).

And just for reference the Belgian equivalent of the amendment can be found here (and is no different in substance to the english version)...

Jun 19, 2020 14:20

Sorry, that's the original protocol in dutch... I can't seem to find the amendment :(

Jun 19, 2020 15:18