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Belgian broadcasters embark on fact-checking mission ahead of elections

08:47 30/05/2024

Belgium’s Dutch-language broadcaster VRT and French-language broadcaster RTBF are joining forces for a face-checking mission ahead of the upcoming elections.

VRT and RTBF, along with six other partners, will examine political statements on a daily basis in a major fact-checking marathon from 27 May until election day on 9 June.

Nearly nine out of 10 Belgians think that "the spread of false information is a problem for our society", according to survey findings, and roughly the same proportion say they believe "it is the job of journalists to find out what is true and what is not".

Journalists will work from a joint newsroom at VRT with the aim of providing at least two fact-checking reports a day in the form of articles, videos or audio clips.

They will scrutinise politicians’ proposals, figures used by candidates and the images disseminated by the various parties on social networks.

The articles will be published on the various news platforms of the participating media, covering topics from purchasing power and security to migration and climate change.

The fact-checking partners include Knack, Factcheck.Vlaanderen,, Algemeen Dagblad, the Pointer research programme of Dutch television (KRO/NCRV) and Nieuwscheckers.

Written by Helen Lyons



Journalists will fact-check politicians!!
Like saying Bonnie will fact check Clyde!
What a joke!

Ok, ok, just one question:
Who will check the fact checkers?

Oh, wait, I know,
the Ministry of Truth in cooperation with the non elected, super highly paid, tax free president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen who says ...LISTEN to her speech...she wants to vaccinate all of us against mis-information & dis-information !

She has obviously forgotten all about her billions worth of vaccine-deal "lost" SMSs with Pfizer CEO and also
the super extensively redacted contract with the same pharma giant, she ended up giving to the elected MEPs.

We, the simple, hard-working, fully taxed people, go to jail for the smallest of petty crimes, they do NOT go to jail for ANYTHING!

But at least, we''l be content knowing that "Bonnie is fact-checking Clyde"!

What a psycho-joke!

May 30, 2024 13:47