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Cub Scout Pack 457 is actively recruiting 1st grade (6 year old) through 5th grade (10 year old) U.S. expat and non-native English speaking boys that are interested in joining the exciting world of Scouting. If you like outdoor adventures in camping, hiking, canoeing, wood working, and learning new life skills the Cub Scouts is for you...e-mail me today at to learn how you can join the Pack today!


You dont say what postcode may help people to decide

Dec 23, 2017 15:00

Cub Scout Pack 457 operates primarily out of Sterrebeek (1933)...however, meeting times are such that most Scout families that live in other areas in and around Brussels can make it to most events.

Dec 23, 2017 18:22

Could you share what would be language spoken between the scouts? english or french?

Dec 24, 2017 10:38

Instruction and all literature is provided in English, however, Boy Scouts of America does produce most literature in Spanish as well, but our common language is English. We do have Scouts in most Dens that have earned their "interpreter" strip; we have Scouts that speak Flemish, French, German, Polish, and Spanish.

Dec 24, 2017 12:04

Jerry just a thought why not contact some english speaking schools. Isb used to have its own US scouts and guides yhibk it still does BSB and St Johns have links to british scouting. Howver im sure other schools dont all habe string ties. Are you also in touch with the other scout troops?

Dec 29, 2017 09:56

Our Charter Organization is an English speaking school and I have been in touch with several international schools in the Brussels area to include ISB and St. John’s however some schools will not endorse student participation in our Scouting program because we do not comply with their “afterschool activity policy”, primarily because our Den meeting times are considered after hours. We do have several Scouts in our Pack from each of the schools that you mentioned but have not been able to actively recruit new members and depend largely on word of mouth advertising by our Scout families that have children attending those schools.

Dec 29, 2017 20:37