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Baby Jogger citi mini/Britax B agile pushchair


Hi there!
I've been researching on which pushchair to buy for my 20 month old. I saw the mclaren and chicco options available in most of the shops here in Brussels. However, I am not very impressed. So I looked online and found Baby Jogger Citi Mini OR Britax B agile pushchair fit my liking. However, I have not seen them personally. I have options to order them online but I don't want to buy a pushchair I have not seen myself and then go through the hassle of not liking/returning/sulking etc.
So here is my question-
1. Has anyone seen these around in any shops?
2. Or do you know someone who has them and would be willing to show so I get the feel of it?
3. Or do you recommend any other pushchair which fit to my criteria listed here -
a) Comfortable for my baby while sleeping as well as in sitting position.
b) Very easy to fold
c) Has a good storage capacity in the bottom
d) Not bulky and super easy to manoeuvre
Any help will be highly appreciated as I really am not able to make up my mind and I need it as early as possible.


I have a Baby jogger City Mini 2013 and I love it. It's a perfect choice, don't hesitate. Follow some youtube presentations to discover all it's options.

Aug 20, 2014 11:00