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Baby-friendly pool


Hi everyone,
I have an 8 month old baby that I want to take to the pool. Does anyone know a baby-friendly pool, preferably close to Uccle?
This will be our first time - do you have any advice on taking a baby swimming?
We have waterproof diapers. Anything else we need?
Any advice is appreciated.

From the archives

Longchamp pool off Ave De Fre in Uccle has a big children's pool but it is not very warm for babies. I always found it easier to have one of those long sleeved legged swimsuits for my baby - warmer for the baby and easier to hold than a slippery baby! I always bring a baby bathrobe out to the pool area to put on the baby as soon as getting out. Also take off the swimsuit once they are out of the water as they get cold quickly in wet things.
The one problem I had with that pool is that the changing rooms are down a flight of stairs and there is no lift - if you are on your own with a buggy you may need help. If you drive leave the buggy in the car.
You really don't need anything else apart from the swim nappy.
Happy swimming!

Aug 22, 2011 14:41