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A couple of months ago I posted a comment in The Bulletin’s Q & A column regarding a disagreement with a Volkswagen dealer about servicing. A number of people responded with comments. Discussions with the dealer led nowhere so I contacted a lawyer and later, TestAchats, an organization often involved in helping consumers with complaints. Neither the communication by the lawyer nor TestAchats had any result. The original posting in The Bulletin was at and can still be seen at that address. I had little response from D’Ieteren Brussels (the Volkswagen importer to Belgium) or from Volkswagen Germany. Both declined to get involved. I therefore decided to create a website which outlines the details of the dispute. That seemed to get their attention and I quickly had emails from both Volkswagen Germany and from D’Ieteren Brussels. The website can be seen at (There seems to be a problem for Firefox to access it.) Nothing has yet been settled but at least I now have their attention and will keep you posted on further developments.


Well done! Hope all works out in your favour.

May 12, 2016 20:31

Twitter is also great to get noticed my advice is keep writing to increasingly senior people ignore the first refusal

May 13, 2016 15:35
Bruce M

This web site does a good job of naming and shaming Volkswagen. I hope you get some satisfaction from them. Volkswagen used to be one of Germany’s best companies. Having admitted to deliberately and fraudulently attempting to evade emission rules and to deceiving consumers and governments with dieselgate their reputation has been permanently damaged. Your experience with service at a Volkswagen garage is just another indication that this company is losing its reputation for quality and service.

May 13, 2016 20:41