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Australian goodies from Oz


I am based in Australia and was wondering if there are any Australians there missing Australian brands eg snacks, condiments and may be interested to buy them at Australian prices (rate) and shipped to you...I will buy them from Coles or Woolies and you buy them at that same price and pay for shipping +$10 for my service..
I am just exploring the idea and will appreciate your feedback . Thanks


"pay for shipping +$10 for my service"

Koe - I'm afraid that it probably isn't that simple. Imports of food and agricultural products into the EU are:
- typically subject to customs duties and quotas,
- packaging and labelling must meet EU regulations
- Food standards & health regulations differ between the two regions.

Sep 26, 2017 13:15

Koe as above customs here are pretty hot on opening up parcels and slapping on levies for import so imagine it would make it too expensive for most people or they will use known shipping companies who are set up to do the paperwork and know the rules. Sad to disappoint you.
My son for example had some stupid idea to buy his GF a cheaper piece of jewellery from somewhere else online he had used once before and this then was opened and the customs added a huge tax onto it and he couldn't send it back as website said local taxes up to him and so he could either lose the money or pay the tax and therefore hugely expensive gift.

Sep 28, 2017 14:07