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Atomium finally gets its own address, 60 years late

11:34 10/07/2018

It's only taken 60 years - but the Atomium finally has its own address.

The popular monument is now officially located at Place de l'Atomium 1 - while the cafe and ticket office is at number 2.

The square was officially inaugurated on Monday by City of Brussels authorities and the Atomium's director, Henri Simons.

Until now, the Atomium's address was considered to be on Avenue du Centenaire - but it did not have a number, which occasionally caused problems with post deliveries.

Sometimes its address was wrongly given as Square de l'Atomium, but that is located further up the road, where ADAM museum can be found.

Brussels city councillor for heritage, Geoffroy Coomans de Brachène, said: "Henri Simons did not understand why he was not always getting his mail. Some of his letters were actually going to the old Trade Mart building.

"After talking to him about this problem, we realised that for 60 years the Atomium has been without an address. It's a typically Belgian story."

Written by The Bulletin