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Aston index testing


Hello, does anyone know who does Aston index testing for early signs of dyslexia in Belgium? Thanks!


Interesting Puka. I have grave concerns about the reliability of the report. I have remarried and it was somewhat amusing, certainly at first, to see my now-wife being described as my daughter's Grandmother who lived with the family 50% of the time. I won't go into the rest but that should give people the general idea about what I think we're both talking about.

Sep 7, 2013 07:48

Hi there is this
ADHD dyslexia support group who might have other info of use to you. We got educational psychologist report from CHS for our dyslexic son, unfortunately you have to pay. However I was also told that some Belgians get their done via the mutuelle by asking for psychological support and using this session. Our mutuelle weren't at all helpful when I asked about that. Our son is great and does offer assistance once we had the report so well worth, the UK school had ignored his issues for three years despite our concerns all the best

Sep 14, 2013 19:47