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Hi I am y son is attending a local Belgian school in the maternelle section, he will be three shortly. The school have informed me that they cannot give him his inhalers for his asthma therefore leaving it impossible for him to attned, there has anyone else had a similare experience? Is it Belgian law that medication cannot be administered? How do children attend school if they suffer with asthma?


You talk to the doctor who prescribed the asthma treatment.


Then, you might need to talk to the school board. Or the teacher. Or the school director. Or all of them.


The main issue in a child of 3 is that they cannot use an inhailer properly, and they can't actually recognise an athsma attack, therefore, it relies on an adult to recognise the symptoms and administer the drug appropriately. That is not an easy thing to do.


And a positive diagnosis that young is unusual - it would indicate that the asthma is severe (inhalerS = more than one!!!!) and therefore potentially life threatening. Normal schools tend not to have the infrastructure to deal with kids who could need lots of complex medican attention at the drop of a hat.

Nov 17, 2011 23:24