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Aquarium for a small apartment


I am planning to buy a small aquarium for my apartment. I found some good aquarium tanks of 17L in Tom&Co. Does anyone have experience of small aquariums? Any recommendations? I live in Leuven so shops in Brussels won't help.Do the fishes last long? All your thoughts are welcome.

Thank You


A month ago I took an aquarium to the dump as I could not sell it, shame! Plants I found difficult to keep alive. Use plastic ones, they look the same. On the fish, it seems to be a general rule that the fancier they look, the less likely they are to survive! Start with guppys or similar. Also, try to get fish all of a similar size, otherwise the big ones bully the smaller ones! Good luck!

Oct 11, 2017 13:07

Thank You for the information. Do you have any other names of fish to recommend. I am not really sure the names

Oct 11, 2017 14:15

Here's a pretty comprehensive overview:

Oct 11, 2017 15:50

Hi first off try the internet for a small cheaper tank they tend to be a better price sometimes I got one much cheaper than Tom and co. Second there is an aquatic shop in Leuven have you checked them out for info? Look in golden pages never been in can't recommend but Nemo is in the center of town I've passed them. The fish in these shops are usually healthier than pet shops and they will give you better advice.
Third you can't fill a tank and throw fish in you need to cycle the tank first. It's easy to find info on YouTube etc. You need to buy certain chemicals to set up a natural filteration:
Fish are calculated by cm for volume also get that from internet.
For a really nice looking small tanks smaller fish tend to be most impressive pleas don't buy a gold fish they need a compatibly massive tank for size. Some plants like java moss look good in small tanks again lots of info on you tube.
Happy fish keeping

Oct 12, 2017 11:08

Ps disagree about plants with good light and a bit of fertiliser they thrive if you get the right ones. Something like neon tetra or small barbs look impressive and happy in small schools

Oct 12, 2017 11:10