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Applying for nationality with F-card



This year I am reaching my 5 years of legal residence in BE, and thinking of applying for citizenship. I am interested to know if someone has practical experience of applying for citizenship (went themselves through the procedure) being a holder of F-card.
I meet all criteria but I heard that it is better to apply with F(+)-card, though the official sources and the law say: one can apply with both since they are considered permanent residence documents.

Any experience sharing and advice would be much appreciated.



You need to apply for an ID F+ card it is a prerequisite in applying a Belgian Citizenship.
You need to have a good knowledge of one of the 3 official languages to be eligible for Belgian Citizenship.
You need to prove also your social and economic integration on the Belgian society..
Pay 150 euros in Bureau de l’enregistrement and 82 euros in your commune.. Voila Good luck to you..

Jan 11, 2018 15:40

Go to your local commune, and ask for the instructions. You will need as a minimum your a recent extract of your birth certificate translated by a sworn translator.

Jan 11, 2018 18:24

I applied for mine 1.5 years ago. A few things:
-Go to the commune now to sort out what you need as the paperwork collection takes time.

-There are different ways to meet the criteria so best to check which process you will use.

-They do not use your F paperwork so you need to regather all of that. Birth certificates apparent need to be done a fresh...stamp and translation. It is odd as for F I did not need translation but citizenship I did.

-Plan to go several times to the commune and always ask "Is there anything else I need to know or bring".

-I do not think you need to do F+ first as that is redundant. F+ is its own status for people who want protection but do not want citizenship so it makes no sense now to get it first unless you need the protection now. Otherwise you are just doing and paying for two services.

-Oh keep an eye out on your application as they deactivate your F when your application is successful and not when you get the new card...surprise!

Good luck

Jan 11, 2018 19:52

F and F+ cards are two different things..
F card - you are still considered Foreigner in Belgium .
F+ you belong on the population list and not considered foreigner anymore..

Ask your Commune on what is best on your situation.. All the very best.

Jan 11, 2018 20:51

All cards except card A are allowed for citizenship, so you should be fine. I know folks who applied with the F-card and they got the citizenship without any problem.

Jan 12, 2018 13:32

Hi everyone!

Just an update about my request for nationality - might be of help for someone else interested: YES, I could apply with F card for nationality and it was the simplest of all process in the infamous 1000 commune.
Needed: (1) multilingual birth certificate (recognised in Belgium without apostille and legalisation according to Vienna convention) ; (2) salary slips of last 5 years; (3) explanation letter of the reason for 1 week interruption between my residence cards; (5) declaration for nationality - filled in and signed at the commune.
Waiting time - 5 months and 2 weeks.
And yet 1000 would not be 1000, if they did inform me about it on time. No, I got to know about it only going there in person there and asking... and the answer was "but you are Belgian for a months already, go and order your Belgian ID". Nu ben ik belg!
voi la, D

May 18, 2019 20:34

Hi. Have some questions...
1. If i stay outside of Belgium will my F card be cancelled?
2. Can i renew my F card from Belgium embassy, uk? Or i have to come Belgium for renew....
3. Is it legal to have 2 country residence permit/card? Example Belgium and uk....

Jan 19, 2020 08:53

I wan to ask something , I currently renewed my F card and I applied for F+ but since it’s gonna take 5months they extended my F card and waiting for the +, what happens to my F card when my F+ application is successful but don’t want it anymore ?
Thank you

Jan 30, 2020 19:05


Can you guide me what documents were required to apply for F+ card?

Thank you

Feb 28, 2020 11:37