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Apartment rent Vs sale value


Hi, Does anyone know of a website where I could get an idea of the sale value of an apartment that is currently rented. I know the rental value. It's in Brussels. Thanks in advance for any pointers.


Hi Kerry o think it's a bit difficult to guess because so many factors state or general building age etc state of renovation two Apr,eats in same building g in different states would be vastly different. I suggest you search immo web and find similar things they a pretty good search tool asking things like bedrooms area etc. That's all I can suggest

Aug 2, 2016 18:27

It might also be worth pointing out that it is generally accepted that, for many complex reasons (not least taxes and security of tenure), rental/sale value ratio for domestic property is greater in Belgium than in most developed countries - in other words, rents are lower relative to sale prices than you might expect.

I read a learned paper somewhere (long forgotten) that explained in great detail how the situation had arisen and why it was unlikely to change. Interestingly the paper hinted that it was the Belgian situation that was "normal" and the lower ratios elsewhere were the result of deliberate policy decisions in the countries concerned (presumably to favour home ownership rather than rental).

Aug 2, 2016 21:37