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Any senior mentor in Brussels?


Does anyone know a senior mentor or a place/organization where younger professionals can connect with older/senior mentors? The field of expertise is not important as much as the opportunity to connect with an experienced senior professional who can give advice about life, Brussels and generally hold a meaningful conversation and share lessons from his own life. Although my personal focus is obviously EU, international affairs and other Brussels-related stuff, anyone really into business, academia, tourism/travel industry, real estate or whatever field could be interesting to connect with and learn from.
It seems that Brussels has many knowledgable seniors (who would also benefit from this kind of 'mentoring' and building a friendly genuine relation with a younger mentee) but it looks very hard to find where/how to connect with them.

If anyone can suggest where to look for senior mentors in Brussels or if you know a concrete person to recommend, please respond. :) Thanks!

Phil Cole

This could be a start - they match job seekers with older mentors living in Belgium (mostly Brussels).

However, they may be more focused on the unemployed, but are worth approaching. They have mentors from a range of backgrounds.

Apr 24, 2017 10:48