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Any experience with these movers?


We have been given a compulsory list of moving companies to choose from for our move to France:
Crown relocations
Santa Fe Relocation Services
Team Relocations
Putters (Unigroup Worldwide)

Has anybody any experience with these companies?
Thanks for your feed-back!


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Jun 28, 2017 07:33

In my experience it depends on the people they send as much as anything we were moved three times by a company husbands work sources not on your list, they were a mix some good some bad sent in people who didn't speak any English when we were leaving UK. That lot not only packed our cat inside the bed drawers but having discovered something was crying inside the bed they opened the drawers up outside and let her run off in the street never to be seen again! Next lot let cats out of bathroom despite massive sign in French saying don't open Cats inside. One lot couldn't safely rebuild flat pack bunk beds all in all who ever you get it's a gamble and you need to be all over them to make sure they do a good job I found out.

Jun 28, 2017 12:52