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Annexure 51 document for ONEM for unemployment benefits



I have recently lost my job and have applied for Unemployment benefits.
Have provided all the needed documents but have received a feedback from the union(ACVLB) that ONEM is asking for Annexure 51 document. They aren't sure the purpose of it and asked me to reach out to my commune.

Evere commune is too busy and I can't really get hold of them through call or email. The next available appointment is end of May.

Does anyone here have idea of what the document is for and the general process to obtain it.

Thank you for your feedback.



If they are asking for an Annexe 51 document, it means that they think that you are not a Belgian citizen and that you don't have permanent residence rights. The Annexe 51 document covers your right to remain in Belgium for three months in order to look for another job.

Apr 20, 2021 22:13