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Anderlecht gives its manager the boot

10:49 12/03/2014

Belgian league champion Anderlecht has seen enough after struggling this season and have fired manager John van den Brom (pictured) in an attempt to reverse the team’s fortunes. Assistant Besnik Hasi, a former Albania international, has taken over the reigns.

The Dutch manager’s fate was sealed two days after the club lost 1-0 to 15th place Leuven last weekend. The loss was too much for the team’s chairman Rover Vanden Stock who was extremely critical of its play. The team’s ninth loss of the season was enough to change direction. The club has fallen to third place in the 16-team league and 12 points behind current leader Standard Liege.


Written by Andrew King



"Anderlecht HAS seen enough and HAVE fired…"

"RoVer Vanden Stock". Is he a dog? Whatever he is, he is the club chairman and not the "team's chairman".

And, if your reporter's keyboard will allow it, "Liège" is spelt with an accent.

Furthermore, this was announced on 9th March, made official at lunchtime on 10th March, and you report it on 12th March?!

Mar 12, 2014 10:12