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Amber the Egyptian ginger ...


Amber, a beautiful ginger cat, was adopted in Luxor, Egypt, brought to Belgium by his owner and then fell ill with kidney stones. He was operated on several times and has, luckily, now made a good recovery. The pet can't go back to Egypt but his owner must. Amber therefore needs a loving home (& perhaps garden?) The writer of this post thanks readers from the bottom of her heart for noting this message and for caring enough to consider adopting the gentle, adaptable, delightful feline. Contact 0491301948.


I hope you will find someone nice for the little cat. There is an excellent home called Cats Rescue in Woluwé, where they find homes for cats, if you are interested, I can send you their phone number and maybe thelady might be able to take Amber in. Let me know.

Sep 22, 2012 19:52