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Does anyone ever order from Amazon UK? I want to order some skin care oils like rosehip oil or sandalwood I know some other sites, but Amazon looks cheaper. Do we have to pay more shipping?
Thank you


Shipping costs are different but usually a bargain compared to the charges imposed by other UK suppliers, especially those that rely on Royal Mail.

Some, possibly quite a lot, of Amazon's suppliers won't ship to Belgium though.

Items which Amazon itself warehouses generally seem to be supplied from the Grand Duchy rather than the UK even though they are ordered through the UK website. This can lead to TVA costs being added, notably on books.

Sep 12, 2017 14:17

I use all the time. Yes there are shipping charges, but you can see them when you make the order. It's pretty transparent.

You can also compare between, and to see the same product, but with different shipping charges and delivery options. Not all products are available on all three sites, but they mostly are.

Incidentally, there is a great shop on Place Sainte Catherine in central brussels. You can get pretty much any essential oil, as well as all sorts of skin/body care products.

Sep 12, 2017 14:17

I use Amazon UK regularly and you can see shipping charges before confirming you order.
I also use The site is in Dutch but there are no shipping charges on orders over €20.00 and delivery is almost always next day.

Sep 12, 2017 14:47

Thank you all.

Sep 12, 2017 15:32

If you're going to order anything from Amazon, always use the Shoptimate browser extension, which will show you the cheapest price for that product from all of the Amazon countries. You can save a lot of money that way. Germany in particular is often cheaper than the UK (even with the pound so low), and the site is available in English.

Sep 12, 2017 16:34

Don't always take the cheapest offer sometimes shipping is very high or varies from shop to shop unless supplied by amazon like books or DVD check more than one store and delete the one that cost more to ship. Takes time but can add up

Sep 14, 2017 07:34

The Shoptimate extension includes exchange rates and any shipping when indicating the cheapest price.

Sep 14, 2017 14:31