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Amateur astronomy club(s) in Brussels


Dear Xpats,
Does one know of any amateur astronomy clubs in the Brussels area (or outskirts)?
The Royal Observatory in Uccle couldn't provide info, I've already checked, and a google search proved fruitless too.
I'm a beginner with my own telescope but would love to learn with/from others, rather than on my own.
Thanks in advance!


I forgot to add : I would prefer English-speaking and am aware of French-speaking clubs...

Jul 23, 2018 15:02

Hi, I am also an amateur with my own scope and looking for a club in Brussels or around preferably in English/expats. Did you by any chance find one? :) We can always start one, of course!

If you speak some Dutch, this seems to be a great place:

Aug 30, 2018 16:32