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Am I wrong or are they??


Somethings been bothering me all summer whilst cycling to/from work. On two parts of the cycle track on my way into work I need to cross the road (not a really busy road but still), so I cross over at the pedestrian crossing - where there are no cross lights for pedestrians so one would automatically expect the car to stop and wait for a pedestrian to cross but what about if your on a bike. I assume that I have priority but when I cycle accross I get some filthy looks from drivers and in one case a taxi man actually nearly ran me over telling me that even though I'm on a pedestrian crossing - cyclists don't have priority.

So who's right??


I'm not sure of the rule here, but where I come from a bicyclist must get off their bike and walk to be considered a pedestrian.

Sep 26, 2012 16:23