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Am I eligible for cpas assistance with my daughter?


Hi everyone,
I will appreciate if anyone will be able to assist with answer.
So I have been living in belgium for almost 3yrs, I'm an F card holder as I'm married to a british citizen.
We have a 10month old daughter but things between my husband and I haven't been going smoothly and I'm thinking of going for a divorce.
My questions are, will I loose my f card in case of divorve, am I eligible for cpas assistance as I'm not working with a baby?

Ps. I was told the F+ card does more help, will I be able to apply for an f+ card if I'm seperated from my husband ?


Thank you all in advance

Apr 25, 2018 12:53

The Cpas will help you but in the long term you will most likely loose your Belgian residence. In case of divorce they review each case individually. They review if the person is already integrated in Belgian society. Which for you does not seems the case as you do not work. But you might claim your residence rights based on your European child. But that its very complicated you do have to consult a lawyer. In your case the best thing could be: to try to fix your thinks with your husband or you find a job and start living on your own. Do not hurry in a divorce as will hurt more you than him.

Apr 25, 2018 13:25

Thank you so much. That was really helpful

Apr 25, 2018 13:39

You are normally only eligible for cpas as a permanent resident.

You must remain together until permanent residence for normal right to remain.

Complicated by current Eu child you get right to remain with on 50% care time and child about to become non. Eu

Apr 26, 2018 21:07

You're going to have to work like other single mothers do in order to remain.

Your husband will have to pay spousal maintenance to support you for a limited period till you start working, the theory is often much easier than the reality.

Apr 26, 2018 21:09