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Allowances to work with non-EU diploma


Hello, my nationality is byelorussian. I obtained a diploma (5+years in economical informatics, it's business analytics and ICT). Actually I live in Poland, with polish legal stay permit and polish students visa, soon my studies of 2 years technical informatics will be over and I want to move to Belgium after them. I don't have any permission to work and all my money I had to spend to pass those 2 years technical courses in Poland, though I don't see Poland as the country to stay.
I d like to try to confirm my 5 years diploma, which I obtained outside of the EU. And to get permission to work, as I ll be not able to just study, because of financial issues. Are there any not daily (or with governmental help) programms for IT-specialists to confirm the diploma, or courses of analytical informatics? I need language course as well, short ones, as I speak fluently EN/RU/PL, and FR/DE intermediate. I tried to apply to work, but they do not provide visa, or my 'french is not native'. So what is possible to do or which organization to contact for solving such a situation?


You need to carry on looking for work until you find something. It would be a lot easier if you had several years work experience in a specific ICT domain, so taking a job back in Byeloruss could well be the best option for now until you've built up a bit of a decent CV.

I don't think qualification in their own right will get you a decent job in the EU. You need to be a proven specialist with good work experience.

This will take a while, but it's a proven long-term plan.

Your other option might be to seek out helpdesk type jobs within the EU where Russian/Polish is required.

Dec 21, 2016 14:27