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Aldi, Lidl - Discount shopping recommendations


Times are tough and I'm looking to try and save money joining the discount store revolution.

Can anyone recommend products of a decent quality that I should be looking for in places like Aldi and Lidl. In the past I have found things like tinned tomatoes to be very watery and not worth the discounted price so I am prepared to shop around to find the best value for money. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. I try to eat healthily and have 2 children so am keen to avoid overly processed foods.

Also, I have heard there are some very good wines and spirit options. Any recommendations would be great for me (not the children). I like dry whites, hearty reds and the occasional something stronger...

Many thanks


not sure if this can help but the abbattoir market is good value for money. it runs every friday saturday and sunday until 2pm, prices gets slashed around 1pm on a sunday when everyone is keen on selling...

fruits and vegs tend to come from south of europe so you have better quality if you know where to shop.

Feb 9, 2016 22:39

You make me laugh. Times are tough so you need cheaper places to buy your booze? But then again, in this mad world, if I get a pay rise you are pushed in to poverty. Oh, I saw a beggar yesterday with a fag in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. No doubt he is suffering from hard times, too. Best the government dig deeper in my pocket again.

Feb 9, 2016 23:34

Go down to the midi market on a Sunday, lots of fresh fruit and veggies at good prices also the fish stall much cheaper. The more you cook from scratch the cheaper it is.
Additionally try colrouyt and buy in bulk to get a discount on tinned items. Dried goods etc. The fruit and veg is good quality there. Stores look very basic but we always thought quality wasn't terrible.
Macro do a box of cooked frozen chicken breasts that are really good, a bit expensive because these a lot in there and it's a euro or something per piece like twenty to thirty euro the box, but they don't shrink when ore cooked and a good fast meal can be found that way.
I'd also suggest bulking out mince with legumes like lentils for a cheaper meal.

Feb 10, 2016 09:37

Mike1300GT I hope you told that 'beggar' what you thought of them. Maybe they need the phone in case someone is ringing them for a job? Just saying

Feb 10, 2016 09:39

I find the discounters awful for fresh fruit & veg. Good for cheap plonk though.

If you're really tight on cash, cut out meat and booze, and never buy any convenience meals or snacks. Bake your own cakes/treats.

Colruyt's Boni tinned tomatoes are excellent, as is their fresh veg.

Feb 10, 2016 15:25

Thanks for helpful comments. I'll definitely give the abbattoir and Midi market a try.

Feb 10, 2016 20:08
Loli De Luca

funny...tough moments and you are asking to buy alcohol?? tough moments "only water ...."

Feb 11, 2016 07:35