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Albert Heijn Supermarket


I am searching for supermarkets which have organic or 100 percent pure products at affordable price. I ended up in Albert Heijn.I compared the price of coconut oil or other organic stuff with Delhaize and bioplanet.Apparently AH has a variety of products comparatively lesser prices. How is the quality? Did anyone have experience?More suggestions are welcome.
Thank You


Do a bit of research into organic pesticides and farming techniques. If you do it properly, then you'll be quite happy never to touch the damned things ever again and you can then shop quite safely at Colruyt and save yourself a small fortune.

Feb 21, 2018 21:36

Colroyt do buy up a huge amount of the organic produce but for other items you will pay more because organic cost more as its a premium product

Feb 22, 2018 09:57